The Eris Cabin is the cabin that houses the children of Eris/Discordia, Greek/Roman goddess of strife, spite, discord, and chaos.

Claiming and Cabin

Claiming: When Eris/Discordia claims her children, a golden apple with black mist around it appears over the child's head

Building: The cabin itself looks completely broken down on the outside, with a golden apple over the door.

Furniture: On the inside, it is completely clean, with a giant replica of the golden apple in the middle of the room. a loft beds for the children of Eris, it has purple and black fairy lights all around the room. a white desk with books of Greek stories. the walls are black and the shelf's are a light purple. On the shelf's they have normal books, black and white roses, a Eris symbol, a clay golden apple and a photo of everyone in the Eris cabin.

Cabin members

Head counselor: Jesse Callas

Lieutenant counselor: Selena Discordia

Greek members: Willow Angel, Abigail Hayes, Anouk Kuring, Kyler Blackthorne, Riley Cyprus, Diana Silver, Lewis Bennett

Roman members:

Former members:

Deceased members:

Legacy members:

Powers and abilities

1. Children of Eris can create a "strife storm", which causes anything in it to change, break, or warp.

2. Children of Eris can make anyone fight with each other.

3. Children of Eris can create a golden apple, which can cause fights over it.

4. Children of Eris are innately stronger in any chaotic time.

5. Children of Eris tend to cause arguments and riots wherever they go.

6. Children of Eris are able to make a room darker due to Nyx being Eris' mother

7. Children of Eris tend to have a rebellious nature because they are fond of chaos and anarchy

8. Children of Eris are usually good friends with Ares cabin members

9. Children of Eris tend to be sore losers and often respond to losing with whining about fairness. (Goddess of spite, remember?)

10. Children of Eris have an innate knowledge of historic wars and what caused them. (Their mother was a major player in all wars starting, the Serbian assassin that killed the Archduke Franz Ferdinand was a son of Eris. This assassination started WW1) (Note: This is not actually true in real life because demigods aren’t actually real, but in Riordanverse this would make sense)

11. Children of Eris can manipulate people's emotions, varying to anger or envy.

12. Children of Eris can shadow travel due to the fact that Eris' mother is Nyx

13. Children of Eris don't fear the Underworld.

14. Children of Eris can manipulate chaos. However, this is only second to the children of Chaos's ability to do so.

15. Children of Eris have the ability of Umbrakinesis.

16. Children of Eris can cause a chaotic chain reaction from many different causes to many different effects or for short, the Butterfly Effect (Chaos Theory).

17. Children of Eris can be very unpredictable.

18. Children of Eris can shadow travel. Also they can travel instantly to a chaotic event.

19. Children of Eris can manifest fully avian wings but only for a short time. They are made out of darkness just like Eris' wings and their grandmother, Nyx.

20. Children of Eris have divine control over snakes and some nocturne creatures.

21. Children of Eris can manipulate war and induce war as well.

22. Children of Eris can manipulate chaotic winds and storms but it is less powerful than Zeus's offsprings or Boreas's offsprings. Though, Eris children can make this power larger if there is lots of chaos around.

23. Children of Eris have Curse Inducement.

24. Children of Eris have disaster manipulation

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